What is High Protein Day in HCG Diet Phase 3

A high protein day in the HCG diet Phase 3 is an alternative to a steak day.  When you have entered in the third phase of the diet you are in a maintenance phase.  You will want to remain consist with daily weigh ins to keep track of any potential weight fluctuations.  If you do your daily weigh in and you note a fluctuation of two pounds or more you will want to implement a steak day or a high protein day.  Some HCG dieters actually prefer a high protein day to a steak day when on the HCG dieting plan.

A steak day can leave some HCG dieters hungry; when you have a steak day you don’t eat breakfast or lunch, but you do eat dinner consisting of a steak cooked in butter or oil; you can have a fresh tomato or apple to accompany the steak meal, and you can drink water throughout the day.  On a high protein day you can consume more foods and eat throughout the day, while snacking on items filled with protein.

A high protein day involves several steps.  Some people forgo eating breakfast on a high protein day, but you can eat foods high in protein like boiled eggs for breakfast if you desire.  You will also want to remain completely hydrated by consuming fresh water.  Throughout the day you can then eat or snack on high protein foods that are on the accepted food list for the hcg plan.  When it comes time for lunch you can eat a high fiber, low fat salad and you can consume grilled chicken breast.  When supper time rolls around you can eat another salad and a small piece of steak.

There are other high protein foods you can eat on a high protein day in the HCG diet Phase 3 maintenance period.  You can have as many as three eggs with bacon for your breakfast and you can substitute the lunch salad with three hard bold eggs to go along with your grilled chicken selection.  If you want a heartier breakfast, you can opt for things like steak, lean beef or turkey and supplement it with a few eggs: this will give you 200 to 300 percent of your necessary, daily protein intake.  What’s more, you can add meets like Elk, Ostrich, or Turkey burgers to your selections.

A high protein day is highly effective in helping you maintain your weight; you can drop one to three pounds in a 24 hour period.  It is recommended when on a high protein day that you eat foods containing protein every two to three hours.  Any vegetables that are approved during the phase two of the HCG dieting plan are also approved during a high protein day, but you will want to skip eating any fresh fruit.  You can also make your high protein day an “egg day” where you eat nothing but egg dishes as your food selections for the day.

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