Metabolic Weightloss Clinic

The Metabolic Weightloss Clinic was founded by Dr. John Ross and Mary Clemons, CRNA with a goal to bring the most effective #1 ADVANCED WEIGHTLOSS SYSTEM available to our clients, HCG, at an affordable cost. Metabolic Weightloss Clinic also provides medical supervision for those who are on various prescription medications to safely and quickly lose weight. Dr. Ross has been practicing 27 years and has used HCG successfully.


  1. Patricia says

    I lost 20 pounds the first time I tried the program and gained it back because I went back to my old eating habits. I decided to try again and I lost 25 pounds this time. I have kept the weight off for 7 months now. I think the important thing I learned was to stop eating when you start to feel full. We were taught as children to clean our plates and this is probably what contibutes to us being overweight as adults. I recommend the program and can tell you that you never get hungry if you follow the program. I may even try for another 25 if I can keep this off for a year.

  2. Jim says

    I lost 23 pounds on the 4 week program and was not hungry. I have learned new eating habits and have lowered my cholesterol significantly. I have been able to maintain my weight and am thankful that Findlay has such a professional program available. The staff Mary ,Cheryl and Dr. Ross are state of the art and on top of it the whole time. This was money well spent. There is no way you will not lose weight with this team! They are great.

    —- Jim, Findlay, Ohio

  3. Laurie says

    I have had weight problems my entire life,even as a child. I had gastric bypass surgery years ago and did well but never reached my goal weight. I heard about the Metabolic Weight loss program and was excited to get started. The staff was great,taking the time to explain and answer all of my questions and concerns and were so supportive. I feel and look great and am finally at my goal weight. I went from a size 15 to a 11 in under 9 weeks! Thanks so much for your constant support and enthusiasm in every step of the way!

  4. Maggie S. says

    I lost 22 pounds with Dr. Ross. The program was cheaper than most, and the staff were great – very attentive to what patients have to say. The facility is also monitored by a physician to ensure appropriate care is given. Overall, good work – I would recommend MWLC to anyone!

  5. Doug says

    My sales job had me traveling a ton as well as entertaining customers. I was constantly eating out and snacking on the road at convenience stores. I had 4 kids at home with the oldest only being 14. I had no time to exercise and had no energy to do it if I had wanted. My body was totally "toxic" from all the eating out and snacking.

    After a period of time my weight shot up to 315 lbs and I was miserable. I researched on the internet and found the HCG Diet. Further investigating led me to the Metabolic Weightloss Clinic. Since I had graduated from The University of Findlay 16 years earlier I knew Findlay well and called the clinic. I started the 6 week program and the weight started coming off quickly. I also noticed the swelling in my legs was gone as well as the constant sweating I was accustomed to doing. Well after the 6 weeks I had lost around 50 lbs. My life is totally different and I feel like my old self again. All my medical problems are gone as well as my bad eating habits. Thank you Metabolic Weightloss Clinic.

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