MedShape Weight Loss Clinic – Arizona

MedShape Weight Loss Clinic, a national leader in weight loss, was the first clinic in Arizona to harness the benefits of using low dose hCG therapy in conjunction with therapeutic diet & lifestyle changes. MedShape’s innovative nature and an intense desire to maximize the results our patients obtain, has resulted in the overwhelming success of thousands of individual patients and has driven the creation of continued advances in our approach to weight loss.


  1. Susan says

    I started this program about a month ago with the intent of losing about 20lbs. So far I’m down about 16 pounds with 4 left to go. Overall, it’s a great program and I’d recommend it to anyone. I really like the fact my diet choice aren’t limited as much as on other programs. I’m not sure why, but seems the shots they give you cure your hunger. I’m really never hungry.

  2. Connie says

    This is a great program. To me, it was much more than weight loss. I learned to keep my weight off and actually eat normal again. I strongly feel I have overcome my weight issues for the long run. I have been battling this for at least 20 years. Medshape has helped me lose my weight and learn to keep it off. They have a great staff and are always available to help me with questions and spend time with me every week. I lost 46 pounds in 8 weeks. I have been in maintenance for 3 months now and so far kept my weight off. The best thing is there is no 500 calorie diet. I ate over 1,000 calories a day while on hCG. This program ROCKS!

  3. Cindy T. says

    Went to Medshape in Peoria,talked with them about losing 8o pounds. I was told oh the 16 week plan would do. At 1,500 dollars YA!. I started at 269 a month later down 5 pounds.
    I wanted the MELT shot, the gal gave it to me and said oh you will see inches in your butt tummy thighs go down, nothing. I had from the shot, a bad back ache and got nausea from it, also bloated my tummy bad.
    Doing there diet and eating what they said did nothing for me but take my money.
    Ya think if they were a reputable company they would call me up tell me sorry you did try for a month and refund my money.However they are in it for the money only.
    I did Medi Weight Loss 2 years ago and I am going back to them, I lost 48 pounds in 3 months there, and was not on HORMONES.
    Don’t lose your money at MEDSHAPE,even the protein shakes are high dollar of 55 bucks a can.

  4. Brian Lee says

    Interesting..!!I heard about the MedShape already,and some of my friends told me that joining the program of MedShape is really good and very effective..!I am planning to join MedShape as soon as possible..I know that the program would really help in losing weight..Good post!

  5. Mary says

    I am really happy I joined Medshape. They are the best group of people. I went from size 14 to a 4 in 3.5 months. I am grateful for all their education on nutrition and for showing me i can eat most anything and understanding the effects food has on my body. I do not ever plan on gaining my weight back and I plan to follow through with all the changes I have made for myself for the rest of my life. This program changed my life. I am ever grateful I did this.

  6. lefry says

    I am a patient of Medshape. I have lost 28 pounds in 32 days. It has taken me 10+ years to lose this. I am off diabetic insulin. When I started this program I was type 2 diabetic and was tolsdsome weight loss could balance the insulin, which was my goal. I have about 20 more pounds to go and I will be my old self again. The staff at Medshape are caring and wonderful.

  7. Elvia G. says

    I did this program 5 months ago. I purchased the 6 wk program. I met with the staff and they were very nice to me, took my money and we exchanged HCG, then I never heard from them again. One thing that I realized is that it's not them that has to do the work it's you. So, I did the work and lost the weight and it's the best thing I could have done for myself, but I wish they would have made a call to me or a letter asking me how I was doing during the program. I would recommend this program, but people must know you only get one visit and bring all the questions that day with you because if you have any other questions they put you on hold or try to call you back to give you an answer back.

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