Is Body Cleanse and Detox Necessary for HCG Diet

Some dieters wonder if it is necessary to do a body cleanse and detox as a supplemental measure when they begin the HCG diet plan. Can a body detox and cleanse benefit the dieter? Is a body cleanse necessary at all? Here we will examine whether or not a body cleanse is necessary or beneficial when you begin the HCG diet.

First, let’s examine the benefits of the HCG diet. When you begin the diet, you are only allowed to eat certain foods. These foods are low carbohydrate offerings, and you are also encouraged to do away with all forms of sugar. You can use a product called Stevia as a natural sweetener, but all other forms of sugar are prohibited. The diet also calls for you to consume organic foods when possible and to avoid foods loaded with preservatives, additives, antibiotics, hormones or that have been treated with any kind of pesticides. With the latter protocol in mind, it seems that the HCG diet plan is actually a natural method for detoxing the body already. That being the case, is additional body detox and cleansing necessary at all?

Truthfully, a body detox and cleansing can prove beneficial and it might help to jump start the positive effects of the HCG diet. For instance, since blood sugar levels decline dramatically in HCG dieters, the dieters may experience mild side effects as the body endures changes. Not only have you given up sugars, you will also be giving up a lot of caffeine too; this can cause you to be tired, restless, fatigued, irritable and moody. A body detox can help you eliminate some of the buildup of toxins in the body and you will therefore rebalance your system faster if you combine a body cleanse with the HCG diet plan.

A body detox and cleanse can also help you get your gastrointestinal tract regulated. It can help balance the microflora in your system so that foods are readily and adequately digested. With improved digestive processes the healthy foods you do consume can be processed more readily and absorbed by the body. You can therefore get the most out of the nutrients you do consume. What’s more, if your digestive tract is not balanced, it is loaded with unwanted toxins, and you are not processing foods correctly: such conditions can actually slow the weight loss process down considerably. A body detox can help you get rid of excessive salts; water, bloat, and can speed up weight loss dramatically.

In conclusion, while a detox and body cleanse is not an HCG diet prerequisite, it can prove beneficial to you in many ways. By combining the diet plan with a detox and cleanse you are purifying your body and maximizing your weight loss potential. You are also maximizing the healthy state of your body by coupling a detox with your dieting efforts.

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