Ideal Teas for HCG Weight Loss

Herbal teas and water are the two recommended beverages for the HCG weight loss.  Thankfully, there is plenty of diversity when it comes to the type of herbal teas you can drink on HCG diet.  Since there are so many different herbal teas the HCG dieter can consume, the dieter will never grow bored with their beverage choices.  In addition, many herbal teas have additional health benefits.  When the dieter finds herbal blends that he or she fully enjoys, he or she can continue to drink the herbal tea selection even after the HGG diet plan has been completed.

Black Tea is one of the most popular choices for the HCG dieter.  This tea is derived from a plant identified as the Camellia sinensis.  The leaves from the plant are purposefully dried and allowed to ferment.  The fermentation process darkens the tea leaves and intensifies the flavor of black tea.  Black Tea is an excellent selection for the HCG dieter because it is low in caffeine; a lightly brewed cup only contains fifty milligrams of caffeine.  Black tea is loaded with healthy antioxidants so that it helps in defending the body against free radical damage.  It also contains the quercetin, an antioxidant that improves immune system processes and fends off issues with inflammation.

Some studies on Black Tea and its health benefits have revealed that the tea, when consumed three times each day, reduces the risk of a stroke by more than twenty percent.  Further studies have revealed that the tea is beneficial to diabetics since it slows the speed in which the body absorbs blood sugars too; for the HCG dieter, this means that black tea can help in keeping one’s glucose levels under control.

Green Tea is made from tea leaves allowed to dried.  This tea, unlike black tea, is not purposefully fermented however; thus, the green tea leas remain light in color and equally light in the flavor that they produce.  Green Tea is also low in caffeine and contains about thirty milligrams per cup.  This tea has been found to help fend off issues related to bodily infection, impaired immune system functioning, cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, rheumatoid arthritis, and cancer.  Green Tea contains eigalloocatechin gallate (EGCG), a catechin polyphenol, which serves as an aggressive antioxidant.  EGCG destroys cancer cells, inhibits their growth, and even reduces LDL cholesterol in the blood.  What’s more, some researchers have found that in consuming mildly-caffeinated Green Tea people burn more calories more efficiently.

Oolong Tea is a Chinese type of tea that is semi-oxidized.  This tea is like a combination of black and green teas seeing that it takes all of the top qualities from both.  Oolong Tea is not as dark and rich as black tea and it is not as fragrant or as light as green tea, taking the middle ground.  It has a strong flavor, a fresh taste, and a pleasant aroma. This tea’s health benefits include anti-aging benefits, improvements in immune system functioning, the diminishment of high blood pressure, and it aids digestive processes. This makes Oolong tea an ideal drink for HCG dieters.

While on the HCG diet, the dieter needs to maintain regular digestive processes and regular bowel movements.  Sometimes issues with constipation can arise which will hinder weight loss success.  Constipation often occurs because the HCG dieter is consuming a super low calorie diet, and the intake of less food means fewer bowel movements.  Since the use of laxatives is not recommended for anyone on the HCG diet plan, all natural methods for dealing with constipation are encouraged.  In such cases, it is possible to drink herbal teas like Good Earth Laxative Tea, Yogi Get Regular Tea, Licorice Tea, or Smooth Move Tea in order to promote bowel regularity and remedy constipation.

Detox herbal tea is another nice choice for the HCG dieter.  When drinking detox tea the dieter can help rid the body of undesirable impurities.  Any detox tea the dieter chooses helps to naturally rid the body of poisons, toxins, and acts as a gentle laxative and diuretic.  The body will naturally get rid of unnecessary waste with greater efficiency.

If the dieter chooses to consume detox tea, it is also advised that he or she consume at least two liters of water every day to improve the efficiency of the detoxifying herbs in the tea.  The dieter looking for a quality detox tea will want to seek out a caffeine free variant; this way, the tea will serve as an ideal beverage to consume just before bedtime and it will not over-stimulate the dieter.  Good teas to choose include the Ultimate Detox Tea, Holy Tea, Persimmon Leaf, Holy Thistle, Malva Leaf, or Blessed Thistle teas.  There are also a number of unique tea blends that the dieter can try to gain the advantages of their detoxifying power.


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