HCG Weight Loss and Thyroid Problems

Are you suffering from thyroid problems? Did you know that you could shed off unwanted pounds with HCG diet? As a matter of fact, the HCG diet is proving quite beneficial for individuals that are on thyroid medications for the purposes of controlling a condition identified as hypothyroidism.

Hypothyroidism is a condition in which a person’s thyroid gland is not working correctly and is underactive or not functioning at all. When this occurs, a person’s metabolic rate is banefully affected and significant weight gain can occur. Patients using thyroid medications like Levothyroxine, Cytomel, Levo, or other thyroid medications to manage thyroid glands are often forced to take the medication for their entire lives.
HCG dieters can still use thyroid medications while taking HCG supplements daily and need not be concerned about health issues if they follow the rigid HCG diet protocol and monitor their health properly. The HCG diet is broken down into four stages; often times, as the dieter enters into the second phase of the diet, it is necessary for them to get some blood work done to find out what their TSH levels are. Levels may fluctuate as one sheds pounds and the dosage of one’s medication may have to be adjusted accordingly.

Patients taking thyroid medications should always continue to follow their doctor’s guidance and may want to discuss the use of HCG products with the doctor before starting the diet. It is never advised that a person stop using thyroid medications unless otherwise instructed by the doctor to do so. The cessation of thyroid medication can cause significant hormonal fluctuations, can destabilize one’s metabolic rate, and can make weight loss even more difficult than before.

In Dr. Simeons’ original protocol for the HCG diet, the use of hypothyroid medications was not recommended if a patient wanted to lose weight with HCG injections. Dr Simeons stated that offering thyroid medications to a person who did not have a thyroid condition for the purposes of losing weight was not only ineffective, but that it could prove dangerous. In addition, when treating patients with HCG injections for the purposes of weight loss, Dr. Simeons did not treat patients that were simultaneously using thyroid medications. It has been found however, that those suffering from thyroid conditions today can also benefit from HCG weight loss.

At the time of writing Pounds and Inches, desiccated porcine thyroid medications were offered and they are sometimes still offered today. Presently, doctors also regularly proscribe synthetic thyroid medications as well that have proven both effective and safe for a person suffering from hypothyroidism. Patients using either form of medication can use HCG supplements to successfully lose weight, but the weight loss may be a bit slower in a patient with hypothyroidism when compared to a person that does not have the condition; normally, a person can drop up to three pounds each day. In contrast, a person that has thyroid problems can anticipate dropping roughly 1 to 1.5 pounds every day without experiencing excessive fatigue or mood swings.

It is important to bear in mind that while the HCG weight loss may not cure a thyroid condition, it can help to make the dieter healthier. Shedding excess weight will help an individual gain more energy, acquire an improved sense of well being, and one’s metabolic processes can remain in balance provided they follow through on the doctor’s instructions. To sum up, HCG diet has proven to b a powerful dieting method for those individuals suffering from thyroid and weight problems; HCG make it far easier to shed weight when the thyroid is not functioning properly.


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