HCG Weight Loss and Ketosis

Ketosis can prove a problem for people on the HCG weight loss diet. So what exactly is Ketosis? The term ketosis refers to a state of elevated levels of ketone bodies in the human body. Ketone bodies form by ketogenesis when a person reduces the amount of carbohydrates and depletes the liver glycogen stores. When the amount of carbohydrate fuel drops below a critical level, the body begins living off protein and fat reserves, and this releases ketones.

HCG weight loss is a very low calorie diet and low calorie diets can sometimes trigger ketogenesis. When the natural glycogen stores within the liver are reduced through low calorie dieting, the body doesn’t have enough carbohydrates for energy and therefore begin burning down fat and muscle tissue to derive its energy.

If a dieter does not stick to the rigid protocol set forth in the HCG diet plan and correctly use HCG products to supplement the diet, he or she runs a very high risk of developing ketosis for the sheer fact that the dieter is only allowed to consume 500 calories on a daily basis. With Ketosis, the dieter will feel deprived and tired all the time because of lacking of glucose in your body, which will render long term damage to your body.

The primary symptom associated with ketosis is the onset of sweet smelling, fruity breath. There are some symptoms that people experience when not getting enough carbs or when ketosis has set in; such symptoms include gastrointestinal upset, a metallic taste in one’s mouth, weakness, dizziness, fatigue, or headache onset. While the onset of sweet breath is a primary symptom of ketosis, there are other methods you can use to check the condition of the body and ensure that ketosis is avoided. Utilizing pH testing strips that can be purchased online or at health food and health supply stores is one way to monitor the body for ketosis onset. If a person’s ketone bodies have increased the body will produce a higher acidic level of the pH testing strip.

So how can you avoid ketosis? First, you can rest assured if you adhere to the guidelines in the HCG diet faithfully and use HCG drops or injections appropriately, you will eliminate the chances of developing ketosis and keep lean muscle tissues healthy and intact.

In addition, there are also a few things that you can do to help reduce the likelihood of triggering ketosis while on the HCG diet. First, you should always remain adequately hydrated. Getting enough water ensures that bodily toxins are flushed from the body with greater accuracy, improves one’s overall metabolic rate, and will make it more natural for the body to burn off irregular stores of body fat.

Second, even when on a low calorie diet like the one called for in the HCG weight loss diet, if you balance your caloric intake throughout the day you can reduce the likelihood of a dramatic drop in your glucose levels. You may want to eat very small meals throughout the day or you might want to incorporate appropriate, very low calorie snacks into your daily menu to curb your hunger and to keep blood sugar levels on an even keel.

Finally, if you note that you have developed a metal taste in your mouth, it can be indicative of your liver being overworked; that being the case you may want to take a Kelp supplement to help your body remove bodily toxins more readily.


  1. Ryan says

    I also disagree with this article. Ketosis is a normal byproduct of dieting and it makes losing fat much easier for the dieter. Hcg causes fat stores to be mobilized and used as energy. So, if the diet is being followed correctly, ketosis should be achieved within the first week. Ketosis acts as an appetite suppressant and allows the dieter to lose weight without hunger or cravings.

  2. Craig says

    You are completely wrong and have no idea what you are talking about. Your article is pathetic.

    Ketosis reflects directly and exclusively the fact that one's body is metabolizing fat for energy. Remember fat? That is what the hormone HCG tells your body to release from abnormal storage sites. Then, when observing a 500 calorie per day diet your body utilizes the released fat for fuel rather than re-storing it. In this process ketones are harmlessly produced, some of which will be excreted and some of which will be used for brain energy.

    • Ohio says

      Craig is right abou the accuracy of this particular article. If it was correct my doctor overseeing my HCG program would have stooped me by now. Years ago I did a medical weight loss program that was 500, 600, 700 caloreies for the course of the "loss" time. I HAD to be in ketosis or I wasn't doing the diet correctly. Every diet is different, however, the substance of the program was very similar to the VLCD on HCG.

      I've been on HCG injections for 3 weeks and have lost over 10 pounds. I started at 119.4 and am 109.0 with 4 pds. to go. I'm 5"0" tall. I've been in ketosis since the 2nd week on HCG, the doctor who oversees the program knows it, I feel fine, walk everday, go to work without mental fatigue, sleep well, and am not hungry.

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