Better-Than-HCG™ (Improved “HCG Ultra Diet Drops”) Reviews

HCG Ultra Diet drops has helped many dieters shed off pounds rapidly when combined with the 500-calories-per-day diet.  It is one of the most popular HCG drops and has earned the highest customer satisfaction rate of any product currently on the market.

Aiming to find the best weight loss products possible, HCG Ultra Diet’s scientists have researched hundreds of ingredients and come up with a even more powerful HCG drops formula, the Better-Than-HCG™. It is the improved formula serving to replace the original HCG Ultra Diet drops. If you are going to take your approach towards weight loss seriously, you might want to consider this improved product, as “Better Than HCG” ™ has contributed to some amazing weight loss cases, including a woman who has lost almost 150 pounds. Whether you are looking to lose 15 pounds or 150 pounds, you can always find turn to Better-Than-HCG diet drops for help.

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HCG Ultra Diet Drops’ improved formula, Better-Than-HCG™, is one of the simplest products on the market, and that really helps it to shine. There are three plans available to choose from:  The Starter Plan (15-day supply), The Basic Plan (30-day supply ) and The Premium Plan (60-day supply). They all include a weight loss tracker and regimen, and custom calorie plan.

The Premium plan also offers free shipping, an awesome free pedometer,  2 free bottles of WeightLoc drops and 2 free bottles of Vitamin B-12 drops. It’s a really comprehensive package for people looking for an all-in-one solution to their weight loss goals.


  1. Better-Than-HCG™ uses a multi-phased approach combined with a 1000-calorie diet to give you sustainable weight loss. Keeping you at your ideal weight is our mantra.
  2. Better-Than-HCG™ Diet Drops give you a Hormone-Free formula to maximize your diet results by providing a 100% homeopathic alternative to the HCG drug.
  3. Better-Than-HCG™ is a complete formula. It is not a watered down version of amino acids that do not mimic the HCG hormone.
  4. Better-Than-HCG™ Diet Drops is very safe. The drops are manufactured in the USA by a facility that is approved to make homeopathic products.

The lack of options is a real negative aspect for this program. With only three options, you don’t get much of a choice. The advertisement of their packages on the site makes it a little difficult to find out exactly what you’re getting, too. The price is a little high for the standard drops, but gets in line with the competition when you purchase the full package.

Retail Price / Special Offer
For the Premium60-day plan, you are going to need to invest $149.99 (a $540 value). That’s a pretty good deal considering all of the extras they throw in. If you are only interested in the basic plan you can get a $99.99 package for 30 days, or a $79.99 plan for 15 days.

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Overall Conclusion
Many competitors are eager to point out that the 15 day plan is too short for you to really see any results and that the minimum amount of time you should stick to the protocol is 30 days. The lack of clear food choices is another common complaint that customers share. As a plain HCG Drop product, Better-Than-HCG™ Diet Drops doesn’t stand out from the competition. But when it comes to a full package their products really shine. Many people report being completely satisfied with the results and report that they will continue buying products from Better-Than-HCG™.

Therefore you really need to weigh your options and decide on how you are going to approach the protocol. If you are looking to get into the protocol for the first time, then Better-Than-HCG™ is a super product and you should put it on your short list. But if you are experienced with the HCG protocol, then there are cheaper alternatives such as HCG EZ Drops to consider.

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