HCG Triumph Reviews

What is HCG Triumph?

HCG Triumph drops is a brand or proprietary name given to one of the most frequently used and sold HCG drops that contain original and real (undiluted) form of HCG. With their popularity increasing day by day, HCG Triumph drops are now considered one of the top selling brands among other HCG diet drops available in the market today.

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Composition / ingredients of HCG Triumph drops

What makes HCG Triumph really unique and distinct is the fact that unlike almost all other commonly available HCG drops, HCG Triumph drops are not “homeopathic” in nature. Rather, they contain the pure, undiluted form of human chorionic gonadotropin hormone. In addition, they also contain proteins in the simpler amino acid forms, essential, non-essential and semi-essential. A separate bottle contains B complex vitamins to boost stamina, reduce fatigue and control hunger pangs and decrease appetite as you continue to lose weight with the help of HCG diet and drops combination.

How does the HCG Triumph work (Mode of action)?

The HCG Triumph weight loss kit consists of various components such as HCG diet protocol, grocery list, HCG diet guidebook and, of course, HCG drops. Best results, therefore, can be achieved by using all of these components together, simultaneously and in conjunction with each other. When used as directed, HCG Triumph drops will help you burn and lose body weight fat by:

  • Reducing hunger cravings and desire to eat more (which will lead to fewer calorie consumption)
  • Increasing your body’s metabolic rate (which will lead to greater calorie expenditure)
  • Lowering body fat and increasing lean muscle mass
  • There has also been some evidence that HCG triumph drops and diet have some effect on the hypothalamus in your brain so the weight is not just reduced for once but can also be maintained permanently.

HCG Triumph is for you if:

  • You are looking for a pure, all-natural version of HCG drops
  • You are looking for some credible “non-homeopathic” HCG drops that can be combined with HCG diet to maximize its impact
  • You don’t like to use HCG injections and / or HCG homeopathic drops
  • You can spend a modest amount of money to get optimal weight loss benefit without side effects

HCG Triumph is not for you if:

  • You will only use HCG homeopathic drops
  • You would prefer to use injectable or allopathic forms of HCG
  • You are looking for single, sole product that will work even without following the recommended diet
  • You want HCG drops that are also available in grocery stores or pharmacies

Pros of HCG Triumph

  • Has mostly received positive reviews from the users at different forums and social media
  • Produced in a 100% FDA-approved facility
  • Also includes vitamin B complex drops in the kit for additional health benefits and stamina
  • Unlike injections or allopathic pills, it is completely free from any side effects, health risks or complications
  • Also acts as a strong “appetite suppressant”, reducing your cravings for your favourite foods
  • Comes with a free HCG diet guide book (and free recipes and tips) as a special bonus
  • Ease and convenience of dosing
  • Does not contain caffeine and, hence, has a safety profile as compared to other HCG drops in the market
  • Option to have a one-on-one HCG diet coach
  • Comes with free shipping for US-based customers
  • Customer services support via email and phone
  • The standard bottle is available in both 1 oz and 2 oz sizes

Cons of HCG Triumph

  • The price may not be the cheapest in the market for HCG drops i.e. the lowest price is 67.20 for a 13-day “Mini kit” and $79.20 for 26-day supply (However, considering its quality and effectiveness, it seems worth paying).
  • Product comes with a 30-day 80% Moneyback guarantee (20% is deducted for shipping and handling charges)

Our Recommendation

All in all, based on the above consideration, facts, pros and cons, HCG Triumph drops appear as all-natural, pure and safe non-homeopathic HCG drops that have helped many people lose weight within optimal time period. There have been people who even lost up to 1 pound each day when they used HCG Triumph drops properly and regularly.  While they definitely do not have the cheapest price in the market and offer a relatively short and limited Moneyback guarantee, their safety, cost-effectiveness and speed of action definitely make them worth trying. Also, the presence of B complex vitamins in a separate bottle ensures optimal appetite control and maximum energy levels while being on HCG diet.

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