HCG Slim Weight Loss

Hcg homiopathic drops weight loss complete program. Lose one pound per day the
healthy way. Special diet plans for your specific body needs. All the resources
and tools needed to ensure your success with hcg. They offer one on one assistance
with any questions or concerns and are there for you every step of the way.
Reprogram the metabolism, Reset the hypothalamus, Keep the weight off forever

3193 Crow Bench Rd.
Orofino, Idaho 83544


  1. chelsea Harnden says

    My experience with hcgslimweightloss program was truly amazing. I lost 25 pounds in 25 days went down three dress sizes and have kept every pound of it off. The support and assistance give while on the program was superior. I was provided with all the tools i needed along with the support and encouragement by Rebecca. The diet plans and information provided by hcgslimweightloss provided me with all i needed to know to best mazimise my weightloss. The one on one coaching helped me thru any problems i experienced or concerns i had. Rebecca was genuinely concerned for my welfare and health and in ensuring my success. She offered assistance and worked with me on a personal level to get me thru any stalls. This is a program i highly reccommend it offered a quality product at an affordable price along with a complete program in which you are given all the information needed to succeed at the plan. more inportant the customer service that i received was expectional better than any other diet program i had done. They truly care about your success and are there for you at any time to answer your questions or help you along your way. you cant get a better program than hcgslimweightloss.

  2. Tish Bennett says

    The HCG program is the most incredable program I have ever undergone. Not only did it acheive the results I wanted it to, but I felt healthy while on the program. Never tired or drained. I started the program because I found myself gaining fat in places I had never before seen it appear on my body and was horrified!! I had always been able to keep my slim wasteline, but for the past two years I was loosing the battle of the belly bulge….much to my disliking!!! I didn't have a great deal of poundage to loose, but I desired to sculpt my body back the more youthful state it had been prior to my "belly bulge" battle. It worked!!! I now have my wasteline back. I could not have done this without the wonderful guidence of Rebecca Adkison. She was a devoted and amaizing coach. She called me every day and incouraged me to call her if I had any questions…and believe me, I had plenty. Her knowlege of the HCG product and how it affects the body as well as the foods and portions consumed, is more than I could have hoped for. She was dedicated to my success and that's what truely brought me through program with such awesome results. Thank you Rebecca Adkison!!! Your services and products have made a world of difference in my life.

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