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Are you looking to buy HCG drops, but don’t know which HCG drops are the best, this HCG drops review should help. For several years, we have been working with the HCG products available to consumers to help navigate the maze of products available. Our comprehensive best HCG drops reviews provide the best options available in the world of HCG drops.

We use the following criteria to help determine which HCG drops are the best:

  1. Effectiveness: includes the speed of results, any long term benefits, and any included plans
  2. Ingredient Quality: includes product safety and lack of unnecessary filler ingredients.
  3. Customer Satisfaction: Includes customer feedback, reviews, reorder rate and return policies
  4. Price: Includes initial cost and special discounts for bulk orders

Using these criteria, we have been able to uncover the absolute best HCG drops in the market. We have compiled an exhaustive number of reviews of the best HCG drops on the market and have provided them to our visitors. These HCG drops reviews are complete, unbiased, and extremely unforgiving of ineffective products. Check out the information below to identify the absolute best HCG drops available today.

Rank Product Name Rating More Info
1 Easy HCG
????½ Read reviews
2 HCG1234
????½ Read reviews
3 HCG Truimph
????½ Read reviews
4 ThinNow HCG Drops
????? Read reviews
5 Official HCG Diet ????? Read reviews
6 Optimal HCG Drops ????? Read reviews
7 Better-Than-HCG (HCG Ultra Diet Drops) ????? Read reviews
8 iHCG Pro ????? Read reviews
9 HCG EZ Drops ???½? Read reviews
10 DIY HCG ???½? Read reviews

#1 Easy HCG

Although a relatively newcomer in the HCG Drops market, Easy HCG drops is the best of the best HCG drops on the market to help you lose weight and keep it off.  Easy HCG has one of the most effective HCG formulas on the market, promising you losing 15-20 pounds within 30 days. This product is homeopathic and is manufactured in an FDA approved lab in the USA adhering to the highest of quality control standard.


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#2 HCG1234

HCG1234 is one of the most popular brands in the HCG drops market. It is second only to Easy HCG drops in its ability to please on so many levels. With there being hundreds of HCG drop products available, for HCG 1234 drops to receive the second place in our top picks list is amazing.

Working with HCG1234 is a great way to get immense value. Between 75 to 90 percent of users have keep their weight off permanently. With HCG1234, users can consume up to 1200 calories per day instead of a low 500 calories. This makes HCG1234 an ideal product for a beginner or someone who just needs to trim a few pounds before going to the beach.

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#3 HCG Triumph

hcg-triumphHCG Triumph drops taking the third place in our list mainly because it uses real HCG hormone and it’s HCG drops are produced in a 100% FDA-approved facility. It claims to be the most authentic, real HCG drops available for purchase. Supported by a big HCG dieter’s community and many success stories on their website, HCG Triumph is getting popular each and every day. For those who might need some extra help during their HCG diet journey, they can hire a one-on-one HCG diet coach from their website too.


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#4 ThinNow HCG Drops

With the market saturated with so many options today, it is good to find a product that works as effectively as ThinNow HCG Drops. If you are looking to eliminate hunger and get on with your HCG diet, this product will do the work for you.

They are so confident in their product that you can actually get a free bottle when you sign up. And best of all, MY HCG Plus is completely homeopathic and includes a guide to help you take advantage of the full HCG Diet Protocol – meaning you are guaranteed the results you expect.

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.#5 Official HCG Diet

One of the biggest complaints about the HCG drops market is the annoying recurring billing. It’s refreshing to know Official HCG Diet clearly states they will never provide any recurring charges. This is a big deal, especially if you are nervous about getting burned on your credit card. What’s more, the company is backed with a 90-day money back guarantee on every order.

We recommend this product to you simply on the fact that it works… and if you can’t stick with a simple plan, you can always get your money back.

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#6 Optimal HCG Drops


Optimal HCG Drops is indeed an advanced weapon against the obesity war. Specifically formulated to attack abnormal fat stores, Optimal HCG drops help many users lose an average of one and two pounds every day.  This homeopathic product is fast acting and encourages weight loss the natural way.


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#7 Better-Than-HCG™ Diet Drops (Improved HCG Ultra Diet Drops)

Better-Than-HCG ™ is the improved formula of the well-known HCG Ultra Diet Drops. Scientists spent over two years researching hundreds of ingredients and came up with this phenomenal product that offers amazing weight loss results. If you are seriously looking to cut back on the amount of food you eat, and the types of food you eat, then you want to make sure to look into this product. It relies heavily on the HCG diet Protocol, meaning that when you are done losing the weight, your body will have adapted to the new eating habits that are required to keep the weight off forever. The best thing about Better-Than-HCG™ is that dieters are allowed to follow a 1000-calories-per-day HCG diet.

If you are looking for a product that will help quickly lose the weight that has long been bothering you, and you want to keep it off forever, Better-Than-HCG™ Diet Drops will provide the solution. It uses only the purest ingredients and has no filler. The prices are fair and they often have discounts available for both existing and first time customers. In addition, this product will help get you “teenage skinny” again, in no time at all. And if you never experienced the pleasure of being thin, then this product will help you experience it for the first time.

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#8 iHCG Pro

Many people are looking for the best HCG drops to help them stick to the rigid 500-calories-per-day diet, and iHCG Pro drops is one of the most popular among dieters. This product is manufactured in the USA in accordance with all FDA standards. All the ingredients are completely natural and pharmaceutical grade.

Many people following the iHCG pro diet plan report they have more energy to complete tasks around their home, and they enjoy doing things they hadn’t done in years.

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#9 HCG EZ Drops

HCG EZ Drops deliver amazingly fast results. Perhaps the fastest of all the products on the list, HCG EZ Drops can help you lose one or two pounds per day. In as little as three weeks you will burn a ton of weight and look better than ever before.

The product isn’t priced as competitively as some of the others available, but definitely offers an amazing value. When considering purchasing this product over the others, think about the amazing speed at which you’ll drop the pounds.

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While DIY HCG isn’t the best out there, it is near the top of the mountain, which says a lot in this industry. The only thing that keeps DIY HCG from being number one on our list is the high price tag. But if you are looking for a complete solution that will help you lose weight faster than you ever thought possible, DIY HCG is the platform to use.

DIY HCG is not just a set of drops that you will work with for a few months. It is an entire system that will help you revolutionize your lifestyle and obtain levels of fitness you never imagined. Including resources such as online forums and plenty of information to help you through this trying time in your life, the DIY HCG system is the best way to get a customized diet plan that works for you!

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  1. Dani DuPree says

    WHat about the HCG + rasberry keytones drops? Are those just as good as far as the weight loss and appetite curve as the regular HCG drops? I started taking those, and it's been a week so far and I haven't noticed a big change….

    • Genia says

      Have u noticed any differences with the hgc / rasberry combo yet? Just started & was wondering! Thx

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