HCG Drops for Weight Loss: Are They Better Than HCG Injections?

Since there are two main methods for using HCG products when on the HCG diet, the dieter may question which of the two methods are better. A common question is whether HCG drops for weight loss are better than HCG injections and if so, why are they better. Let’s examine HCG drops verses HCG shots to determine which method is ideal for a dieter looking to take advantage of the HCG diet plan and its benefits.

First, it’s pretty obvious that anyone that hates needles is going to prefer HCG drops for weight loss over HCG shots. HCG shots can prove a bit painful and they are more difficult to prepare in many instances. Drops, on the other hand, can be consumed orally, and it is a pain free, hassle free approach to consuming the hormone.

Cost factors also suggest that HCG drops are better than shots. Shots will cost the dieter far more money because the dieter has to buy the injection mix, mixing bowls, storage containers, alcohol pads for sterilization, the hypodermic needles for injections, and myriad other materials in order to mix and use the product. HCG drops are already mixed in the bottle, and do not require additional materials for their daily use.

HCG drops are easier to order than injections too. Often times one requires a prescription in order to get HCG shots and the mix needed to make them. This is not the case with the drops that can be ordered online by reputable companies. Since drops are easier to obtain, the dieter doesn’t have to order a lot of the product in advance, and he or she doesn’t have to panic when they are running low because they can order more and have it delivered quickly.

Clearly, HCG drops for weight loss are more advantageous than shots in terms of costs and convenience. Bear in mind however that the drops and the shots are equally powerful. Both methods of using HCG work as long as the use of the product is coupled with a low calorie diet, moderate exercise, and adherence to the HCG diet protocol at all times. Choosing drops over shots is basically a matter of convenience and preference.


  1. nathalie says

    I took a "brake: from the diet because I wanted to be able to drink alcohol for a partie.Besides ddrinking (2 scew driver and 1 beer)I baarely had anything to eat.I gain back 5 pounds.Shoukd I do the steak day or shoold I start ovr on phase 1.I feel so bad the weight was coming off so goo,about 2 pds a day.

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