HCG Diet Plan

HCG Diet Plan

HCG Diet

HCG Diet plan has become more and more popular these days. So what is HCG Diet?

HCG Diet plan is a weight loss protocol to help people reach their targeted weight by adhering to a strict diet plan and daily injections of HCG. To summarize HCG Diet protocol, the participants must undergo a period of about 30-45 days. During the time period, the diet is restricted to about 500 calories per day. In addition to the very low calorie diet (VLCD), daily injections of HCG are administered. HCG mobilizes the secure fat stores in the body and makes it available for use as energy. This combination results in an average of 0.5 to 1 pounds or more a day depending on the starting condition of the dieter.

There are 4 different phases of HCG Diet plan based on the The Weight Loss Cure by Kevin Trudeau.

HCG Diet Phase 1 consists of healthy eating habits and several cleanses before beginning the HCG diet. This is the initial phase of the diet, and addresses your nutritional deficiencies and years of toxin accumulation. This will prepare your body to maximize the benefits from the HCG generated weight loss. During this phase, you will start taking supplements designed to facilitate the mobilization of fat for use in metabolism. This phase usually last one week, and provides a solid foundation for the next phase. Read more…

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HCG Diet Phase 2 begins when you are actually taking HCG. In addition, you must follow the 500-calorie diet very strictly during this phase for best weight loss results. However before the restricted calorie diet, you need to load enough fat for two days. The proper fat loading provides your body with energy until HCG can take effect and start metabolizing the fat stores in the body.

Once you have fat loaded for two days, you will start the restricted calorie diet. You might experience hunger cravings at the very beginning, but these will subside between days 5-7. The morning meals are supplements, water, and tea. Lunch and dinner will be 3.5oz of protein, vegetables and a piece of fruit. Supplements are taken three times a day, and water intake should increase dramatically. Read more…

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HCG Diet Phase 3 is the 3-week period after the completion of Phase 2. This is the phase that reset your hypothalamus and locks in the weight loss achieved during phase 2. It is very important not to add any sugar, starch, fast foods, or heavily processed foods including fruits that are high in sugar to this part of diet.

It is important to weigh yourself daily. Your weight is not to go more than 2 pounds over/under last injection date weight. If you find yourself having gained 2lbs, fast for the day drinking your teas and water, then for dinner eat a large steak and an apple. Read more…

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HCG Diet Phase 4 is the “Stabilize” stage. You should continue to keep sugars to a minimum. However you can bring starches back to your diet very slowly. Continue to eat proteins and stay away from heavily processed or fast foods. Learn to adjust calorie intake and type of food you can eat to do so. Weigh yourself often, and use the steak day if you have gained beyond your set baseline weight. Read more…

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Well, these 4 phases are the basics of a successful HCG diet. Many people have had tremendous success utilizing this HCG diet  plan. It is not an easy diet, and you must be mentally prepared, but you will lose weight fast and maintain your target weight long after the HCG diet is over.


  1. Magali says

    I did this diet for 42 Day i lost 6kil
    And would like to do again
    It’s ok if I start again
    I did this diet 2 months ago
    It’s ok Ou not
    Please could respond

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