HCG Diet and Blood Sugar Issue

Many people new to the HCG diet may be concerned about how the diet affects one’s blood sugar levels. This is especially true for people who have existing issues with blood sugar control like those individuals with diabetes. Is HCG diet safe for someone that has diabetes? Further, is the diet plan something that can help everyone balance their glucose levels? Here we will examine the potential effects on blood sugar that the HCG diet may induce.

First, we must examine how the HCG diet plan affects the human body. HCG is a special hormone that is found in the human body. This hormone can reduce one’s appetite, improve metabolic rates and processes, and help a person drop pounds quickly, provided the dieter also maintains a very low calorie diet consisting of no more than 500 calories each day. Normally, a very low calorie diet results in a significant drop in one’s blood glucose levels. What’s more, since you will be eating a limited number of foods of a specific type, if you have consumed a lot of sugary foods or high complex carbohydrates in the past, your blood sugar levels will likely decline the minute you stop doing so. Thus, the initial first stages of the diet will probably induce a decline in blood sugar levels.

When you are taking HCG drops or you are using HCG injections each day, your hunger cravings are curbed and your metabolic rate is balanced. This means your body will begin to turn to your fat stores for needed energy; this is a process that is identified as Ketosis. The HCG diet is known as a Ketogenic Diet plan; when you begin using up fat stores instead of consumed calories, the body burns off fat, generates molecules identified as ketones and these ketones are utilized by your body as an energy source instead of the energy you would naturally derive from high complex carbohydrates and sugar intake. Bear in mind that a change in sugar levels may produce mild side effects such as fatigue and headaches which prove the most common. They are temporary and subside quickly.

Within 48 hours of starting the HCG diet, your body enters into a state of ketosis which permits the body to utilize ß-hydroxybutyrate and acetoacetate, two types of ketones to supply energy to your kidneys, heart, and other major organs. This, in combination with the 500-calories-per-day diet is what causes you to lose the weight you want to shed. For an average healthy individual, a change in one’s blood sugar levels should not prove to be problematic; in fact, it can prove amazingly beneficial. If however, a person has diabetes, he or she will want to discuss with the doctor the idea of using HCG products before engaging in the diet. It may be necessary to closely monitor one’s sugar levels during the course of the plan. Read more about HCG Diet and Diabetes…


  1. Cindy says

    I am affected by low blood sugar issues, and the headache can quickly become disabling unless I eat in time. How will the Hcg protocol address this?

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