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Look out fat! Greenweb HCG is here to help any dieter improve the chances of success without punching a hole through the purse. If you want to get on the HCG protocol, but have struggled due to the complicated program and the expensive price, then Green Web has the solution you’ve been after.

Like most HCG product, you can expect to lose up to a pound per day as the hormone goes to work unlocking your fat and releasing all of the stored calories. You will quickly find your body thinning out and trimming down if you stick with the Greenweb HCG drops for 30 days or more.


When you purchase Green Web HCG you only get the supplemental drops. This helps to keep the price down, but most people know exactly what they are doing when it comes time to using the HCG program. If you were hoping to get the bonuses and add-ons of other products, this won’t serve that purpose. You definitely need to find that information elsewhere (but it’s easy to find if you spend a little time reading articles on this website).

Pros & Cons

The product works exactly as an HCG supplement should. When you use Green Web HCG drops, you will get fast results that help eliminate your appetite, fight fatigue and keep you energetic. If you were hoping to get a product that doesn’t include all of the crazy stimulants, you’re in luck! Green Web does not include any nasty stimulants to get you all hyped up, only to experience a crash later on. And it’s very, very affordable. A small bottle won’t even break a Jackson (that’s a $20 bill for those of you who are wondering).

Retail Price / Special Offer

At only $12.95 per bottle, there’s absolutely no need for a special offer. It’s regular price is $49.99 plus shipping, but it has been sitting at the current price for so long that we don’t think it’s going to go back up. At first, we thought it was a fluke, since competing products easily charge up to ten times that amount. If the price raises, we’ll be the first to let you know by updating our review.

Customer Satisfaction

Green Web HCG has a consistent 4.5 star rating across the web. The consistent complaint is in relation to the lack of support material that comes with the product. Fortunately, you can read or download the “Pounds and Inches” book, written by Dr. Simeon (the man who started it all) here absolutely free. Grab this book if you’re not familiar with the HCG protocol, and then get started losing weight.

If you have a lot of weight to lose, or you want to buddy up with a diet partner, Greenweb HCG drops is a good fit. It will provide you an affordable solution so that you can stock up or share with others. And we all know that no matter how effective our diet plan is, it makes sense to have help when we can.


  1. Gaylene Gott says

    May I otain a site where I may purchase the Green Web HCG drops for $12.95, 2oz bottle? They have worked for me previously. Thank you.

    • Barbara says

      I want to purchase Green Web weight loss drops – oral 2 oz. bottle for
      12.95. Where is the official site ?
      Pls email me this info ASAP
      Thank you !

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