Foods You Can Load Up on While on the HCG Diet

If you want to make the second phase of the HCG diet plan really work out for you, you need familiarize yourself with the appropriate healthy loading foods that you can choose from, when you are selecting your food choices for phase one (loading days).

There is a right way and an improper way to load food for HCG diet. Doing it incorrectly will ensure nothing but frustration, hunger, and aggravation during the initial week of the diet plan. If you load correctly however, you can avoid excessive hunger and cravings, even while maintaining the rigid 500 calories per day diet.

The ideal loading foods combined with the daily use of pure HCG products work in unison to ready your body for necessary metabolic changes. Proper loading for the HCG diet ensures that the dieter experiences low to absolutely no hunger cravings.

Loading involves eating as much as you possibly can for the first two days of the diet. The dieter should never eat to the point of becoming physically ill, but remaining full and satisfied is imperative. If the dieter becomes ill from overeating, he or she actually defeats the purpose of loading up on healthy food selections.

When it comes to loading up on foods for the HCG plan, specialists recommend consuming foods high in fat and low in sugars. Many people choose to eat foods that they will not have a chance to eat later on when they enter into different stages of the HCG diet.

When you are taking your HCG drops or injections each day during the second phase of the diet, you will not feel the powerful effects of the appetite-curbing HCG until you are three days into the diet plan. This means that the initial three to four days of the plan are the time where you are at the greatest risk for experiencing excessive hunger. It also means that with hunger cravings, you are at a greater risk of snacking and failing to maintain the five hundred calorie diet, you must maintain to achieve rapid weight loss. This is why the protocol devised by Dr. Simeons insists that a diet eat to capacity for the first three days of the plan.

It is less of a problem to experience any kind of weight gain during this three-day period than it is at any other phase of the diet. Once the HCG product has built up in one’s system, weight loss is rapid and one or two pounds put on during the load days are lost.

It is imperative to load up and have a bit of fun indulging yourself for the initial three-day period. Indulgence does not mean that you should eat sugar-loaded foods however. You will want to make entirely healthy and tasty selections and to refrain from foods containing preservatives, additives, and processed white flour.

Good loading food options to choose from include things like butter, jelly, peanut butter, olive oil, Mexican foods, MCT oil, Greek Yogurt with protein, Macadamia nuts, heavy whipped cream, other heavy creams, Guacamole, flax seed oil, coconut oil, coconut butter, cheeses, steaks, bacon, avocados, almond butter, and you can even enjoy some alcohol.

Additional food selections to choose from include potatoes, hash browns, and more. Add to this other acceptable foods on the HCG diet plan and you will find you have quite a bit of food diversity.

There are also foods that, no matter how tempting, you will want to refrain from eating. Stay away from pizzas, Twinkies, colas, snack cakes, any form of pasta, macaroni and cheese dishes, any kind of ice cream, honey buns, funnel cakes, fried chicken, fried foods in general, fast food selections, donuts, meats that have been deep fried, pastries, cookies, shakes, chocolate, potato chips, cheeseburgers, sugar filled candy, brownies, bread sticks, and muffins. Refraining from eating the latter foods will diminish the amount of carbohydrates you consume and will help to keep your glucose levels from spiking. Increases in blood sugar levels can lead to a nauseated feeling and increased hunger.

In terms of beverages, on the HCG plan you will be limited to things like herbal teas sweetened with Stevia and to pure water. You can load up on as much water as you want during the indulgence period, but you will want to refrain from drinking high sugar juices and colas.

Proper loading is particularly important to dieters that have been on other diets prior to the HCG diet, or dieters that have engaged in yo-yo dieting. The only way a person will be able to easily endure a 500 calorie diet is if they are well fed prior to engaging in the plan. It takes a three-day period before abnormal fat deposits start circulating in the body, so eating healthy loading foods is essential to HCG dieting success.


  1. Drusilla Vaughan says

    Early in this article it says a two day loading is essential, then further down it references 3 day loading. Which is it?

  2. Karla says

    The doctor that I am going through said the hCG is a minimum of 4wks and a max of 7wks at a time.

  3. peggy says

    Is it possible to do a shorter period of time on the hcg diet? Maybe 2 weeks on, one week off and then another 2 weeks?

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