HCG Diet and Blood Sugar Issue

Many people new to the HCG diet may be concerned about how the diet affects one’s blood sugar levels. This is especially true for people who have existing issues with blood sugar control like those individuals with diabetes. Is HCG diet safe for someone that has diabetes? Further, is the diet plan something that can […]

HCG Recipes: Great Salad Dressings for the HCG Diet

HCG salad dressing

The moment you decide to utilize the protocol in the HCG diet plan, you will find the acceptable diet food list is fairly limited. However, you can get really creative with some of the foods you are allowed to eat by trying out various recipes. Recipe types on the HCG diet plan include full meals […]

What if you cheat during phase 2 of the HCG diet?

sugar and hcg diet

HCG diet is a powerful, yet very strict diet. The calories that you are allowed to consume on the HCG diet protocol is no more than 500 calories a day. And the diet has very strict dietary restrictions especially during Phase 2. If you cheat during VLCD phase, it will normally set you back 2 […]

Use Coconut Oil on HCG Diet

coconut oil HCG diet

While on the HCG diet, you will want to use healthy oil substitutes such as coconut oil: an organic product. Coconut oil can be utilized to cook HCG approved food selections and the cosmetics and health and beauty items you use should only contain coconut oils as well. Let’s examine the benefits of coconut oil […]

HCG Diet and Menstruation

HCG diet and menstruation

For dealing with obesity, the HCG diet plan has proven astoundingly beneficial again and again. Dieters from all over the world are discovering dieting success for the first time by using HCG products, and the product works for females as well as males. This diet was originally created in the 1950s by Dr. Albert Simeons […]

HCG Diet Phase 3 and Phase 4 Tips


What does an HCG dieter do when getting to phase three and four of the diet? When moving into the third and fourth stages of the HCG diet, the initial two stages have been conquered, and the dieter takes on a new approach to eating and dieting. However, just because the first stages of the […]

The HCG Diet Plan and Headache Issues

headache hcg diet

The HCG diet plan is definitely a wonderful way to lose weight. Many individuals, both female and male, make use of HCG diets to find that they lose weight with rapid success. Some individuals have complained of experiencing the occasional onset of a headache however, and this can be due to a number of different […]

Constipation on the HCG Diet

constipation and HCG diet

Constipation is characterized by painful bowel movement. It is caused by low fiber diet, dehydration, mechanical stress or other pre-supposing medical complications such as depression, neurological diseases and metabolic disorders. Taking medications such as antacids, analgesics and antihistamines can also caused constipation. Symptoms of constipation also include bloody stool, weight loss, harder stools and rectal […]

HCG Diet Dangers – Potential Issues When on the HCG Diet

Although the HCG diet is becoming one of the most popular dieting choices among dieters all over the globe, there are some potential issues that each dieter faces when on the HCG diet. Yes, this diet can induce successful and amazingly rapid weight loss, as much as one to two pounds on a daily basis. […]

Using Birth Control on the HCG Diet

hcg diet birth control

Some women who are using birth control methods wonder whether or not it is safe to partake the HCG diet while using birth control. The reason for concern is the fact that HCG products are manufactured out of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a natural hormone often found in pregnant females. The hormone is what is used […]

Eating Organically on the HCG Diet Plan

organic HCG diet foods

According to the holistic guru Kevin Trudeau, it is very necessary that HCG dieters eat organically as they engage in the HCG diet plan. Organic foods are obviously super healthy food choices since the foods give the dieter so many spectacular health advantages. First off, the consumption of organic food selections while partaking of the […]

Miracle Noodles for HCG Diet

miracle noodles hcg diet

When you are under the hCG diet, you have very limited options for food. You need to avoid fat and maintain a limit of 500 calories per day. With this predicament, comes in the miracle noodles. Miracle noodles allegedly have zero calories and fat in each serving. Miracle noodles, made from a natural fiber called […]

The HCG Diet Plan and the Necessity of Water

hcg diet drink

One of the most important things you should do while you are on the HCG diet plan is to drink enough water. Lots of water is needed since you are on a very low calorie diet. You will need to get, at minimum, eight glasses of water in any given day. Sometimes you will need […]

Ways to Break Stalls on HCG Diet

HCG diet result

It happens to a lot of dieters: a weight loss stall, a plateau that seems impossible to surpass.  Even when a dieter is following the HCG diet protocol to the letter and he or she has remained fully committed to the HCG diet, after weeks of rapid weight loss, suddenly the dieter just stops losing […]

Homeopathic HCG and Other HCG Products

When it comes to HCG products for HCG diet, you actually have three popular methods for taking the hormone, HCG Injections, Sublingual HCG and Homeopathic HCG Drops. The truth is it makes no major difference which type of HCG product you choose to use – All will work equally well to curb your hunger cravings, […]