Anti-Aging HCG Weight Loss Therapy

You can lose a pound a day with the help of Genesys Medical’s HCG anti-aging weightloss diet program located in Utah, USA.


  1. Anonymous says

    I went through one cycle an lost 15 lbs. I was off the program for two months and did not gain any weight back and I was eating regularly. I have been back on the program for two weeks, and I have had an 8lb weight loss and over four inches from my waistline. This product is nothing short of amazing, and the most inexpensive solution I have found to losing weight.

  2. Anonymous says

    I have been takeing HCG since Aug.5,2009 and started at 160 lbs. As of today's date i have lost 20 lbs. Today is Sept,3 2009 . I plan on loosing another 14 lbs. Price is 35.00 a week for meds and another 45 for the shake which last's me a week and a half . So apx 256.00 a month . I figure for what i am saveing on food and such and i can handle the 500 cal. intake of what they have written on the list then i am fine. For some with no controll over food it wouldn't be a good diet unless you have great self Controll . Good luck to those that wish to try . However the support isn't what it shoudl be as their website they gave me after 3 weeks of being on the program was one page with lot's of coupons for their item's . You have to have good control exp up here in wa cause other then the meds and my self controll you don;t have much support except their hand out for the money for the meds. Result is what i expected to loose weight ./

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