Ideal Teas for HCG Weight Loss

hcg diet drink

Herbal teas and water are the two recommended beverages for the HCG weight loss.  Thankfully, there is plenty of diversity when it comes to the type of herbal teas you can drink on HCG diet.  Since there are so many different herbal teas the HCG dieter can consume, the dieter will never grow bored with […]

HCG Diet with A Liberal 800 Calories Per Day Plan

Dr OZ 800 calories diet

Some dieters have tremendous difficulty maintaining the rigid 500 calorie diet that accompanies the HCG diet plan, even when using HCG drops or injections to help curb their appetite.  Thankfully, there is an 800 calorie alternative that will allow dieters to take in more healthy food selections so they can satisfy their hunger. Even when […]

Foods You Can Load Up on While on the HCG Diet

fatty food hcg diet loading days

If you want to make the second phase of the HCG diet plan really work out for you, you need familiarize yourself with the appropriate healthy loading foods that you can choose from, when you are selecting your food choices for phase one (loading days). There is a right way and an improper way to […]

HCG Weight Loss and Thyroid Problems

Are you suffering from thyroid problems? Did you know that you could shed off unwanted pounds with HCG diet? As a matter of fact, the HCG diet is proving quite beneficial for individuals that are on thyroid medications for the purposes of controlling a condition identified as hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is a condition in which a […]

HCG Weight Loss and Ketosis

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Ketosis can prove a problem for people on the HCG weight loss diet. So what exactly is Ketosis? The term ketosis refers to a state of elevated levels of ketone bodies in the human body. Ketone bodies form by ketogenesis when a person reduces the amount of carbohydrates and depletes the liver glycogen stores. When […]

Plan for Your 500 Calorie Diet

Dealing with the 500 calorie diet while on the HCG diet plan is a lot easier than one might imagine.  The use of HCG, otherwise called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, helps to keep one’s appetite under control and it is therefore easier to eat a very low calorie diet on a daily basis.  With the 500 […]

PCOS and HCG Diet


PCOS is a short acronym for polycystic ovary syndrome.  This condition occurs in women and can lead to issues with weight loss as well as infertility.  The condition is characterized by a number of baneful symptoms including abnormal menstruation, polycystic ovaries, the excessive presence of androgens, pre-diabetes, Acanthosis nigricans, obesity, and infertility.  This condition can […]

HCG Diet and Breastfeeding


The hcg diet is definitely popular primarily due to its amazing effectiveness.  Since it has proven so popular, females that have recently given birth may want to turn to the diet in order to shed excess pounds that have been packed on during their pregnancy.  Before a female begins the hcg diet however, she will […]

How to Survive the Holidays When On the HCG Diet

holidays and HCG diet

As holidays approach, many dieters may wonder how on earth they are going to survive the holidays and still stick to a diet they have started. With the HCG diet plan, it proves a little bit easier to remain committed to one’s diet since the supplements used during dieting help to curb issues related to […]

HCG Drops for Weight Loss: Are They Better Than HCG Injections?

Since there are two main methods for using HCG products when on the HCG diet, the dieter may question which of the two methods are better. A common question is whether HCG drops for weight loss are better than HCG injections and if so, why are they better. Let’s examine HCG drops verses HCG shots […]

What is HCG Immunity and How to Avoid?

Whether you are utilizing oral HCG drops or you opt for HCG injections, you may encounter difficulties with developing immunity to the HCG products you are using. HCG immunity occurs when the body adjusts to the very low calorie diet one consumes on the diet plan and the HCG supplements being used. The end result […]