What You Need To Know When You Buy HCG Online

If you want to buy HCG online you need to be aware of a few things.

First, you will want to buy HCG online from a reputable supplier, and not all suppliers are the same. You should read carefully the terms and conditions associated with buying HCG products online long before you process your first order such as shipping details. Read our HCG drops reviews here.

Buy HCG Online Safely

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  1. Parva says

    Is this real HCG hormone? If I put some drops on a pregnancy test would it turn positive?

  2. Lacey says

    Wanting to try this…Does it really work? My son is 2 years old now, and I have trying to loose "baby weight". Any additional info on this is greatly appreciated!!!!! Thanks!!!!!

    • Cody Crismon says

      Lacey, I work as an account manager for one of the hCG companies listed above. With the ten's of thousands of people that have used our product I would have to say "YES" it works. Like people say it works if you work it, "the protocol" so work it cause your worth it!
      Cody C.
      Creative Bioscience LLC.

    • christy says

      This really worked for me. I have tried so many diets and none have ever produced such an amazing result. I found that dedication and will power are a big factor with this diet. I woke up one day and looked in the mirror and was tired of the fat person looking back at me. I went form 217 pounds to 161 in four weeks. Good luck .


      • Sara says


        I want to start this diet. Which drops did you use and where did you get them?

  3. Pat says

    Should I be worried about which site I buy the HCG drops from? I worry about getting some drops that would harm me somehow, what do you think?

  4. Giorgina says

    Congrats Wesley !!! 😀 you can get b-12 anywhere they sell vitamins!!
    May i ask what brand of HCG (SITE) you bought yours from ?? I really dont want to experiment
    with watered down stuff :/
    Seeing you lost that much 😀 wow .. thats great !!!
    May you Feel revived for always :))

  5. Wesley arce says

    Where i can get the b-12 and how this work, is there any article related to this?…Why i need to take b-12 also i am diabetic,,,,,,I lost 42 pounds with the hcg drops and keep that off for 2 weeks…

    Thanks for your asap response…

    Wesley Arce

    • pam says

      b 12 tablets can be purchased at any pharmacy or walmart, also b12 sublingual can be used also…The injections at your family doctor.

    • jane says

      did you ever receive your order and do they realy work i saw this weight loss on the doc oz show but you dont no what to beleive

      • Magen says

        have you ever been pregnant??? Hcg makes you drop weight like nothing else, I lost 30#s before I ever knew I was pregnant with both of my children!

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